The beauty industry is a huge arena of career opportunities for anyone who is interested in it. But, just like any other career path, you can have an edge over your competitors (those who are looking for a good career as well) if you are well-educated, well prepared for whatever challenges that lie ahead. Thus, enrolling to a beauty school is highly-recommended. Indeed, your enrollment to a reputable school can be a good instrument for your career success.

But the question that has to be asked and answered is: how can a beauty school be a vanguard for your career success? The answer is plain and simple: a legitimate beauty school can expose you to various training grounds, which provide you an opportunity learn and refine your skills needed to succeed in the industry. Some training areas are the following:

  • Cosmetics – with this, you are able to learn important knowledge and skills that are useful once you step out into the real world of beauty industry, which can include the latest hair styling techniques as well as makeup.
  • Esthetics – an area in the beauty industry that focuses on skin care (skin science) and this could include medical esthetics, spa training therapy training, spa facials and waxing, and microdermabration. Many esthetician schools also include aromatherapy and phytotherapy, chemical and glycolic peels for aspiring estheticians.
  • Nail care – students are also taught about techniques on how to manicure and pedicure, which is one of the services usually subscribed at salons, even in your area. Students learn about nail polish color combinations that would fit to various types of nails – among other fundamentals and beyond.
  • Personality improvement – not only students learn the above-mentioned but, of equal importance, personality development as well. For instance, some beauty schools teach resume writing and interview skills, client consultations, sales, and effective communication. In addition to that, salon business systems, development, and salon ownership skills are also taught.

With all these opportunities, beauty schools are indeed an instrument for career success most especially for those who are aspiring to have a good one.

Cosmetology School San Jose, California

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Whether you are a person (or an organization) who wants to open a cosmetology school or an aspiring student who desires to develop a career in the cosmetic industry in the state of California (in cities like San Jose, San Francisco, or Los Angeles), it is of your advantage if you are aware of the requirements imposed by the government to acquire a license to operate in the area. This will help you to ensure that you are on the right track and, at the same time, you can avoid potential trouble in the future. For instance, as a business owner, you will avoid issues concerning legalities; as a student, it will help you to choose the most qualified cosmetology school in this state.

What are the requirements that are needed to comply to run a cosmetology school in California? The state’s Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has the following specifics:

  • Provisional approval from BPPE – contacting the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education is the first step when opening a cosmetology school, wherein you will need complete an application and obtain a provisional approval.
  • Complete requirements for the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology – with this, you will need to provide/comply a number of requirements including: an application for Cosmetology School Approval; provisional approval (which is obtained from BPPE); floor plan demonstrating room for equipment and floor space necessary for at least 25 students; comply the minimum equipment requirements for a school of Cosmetology as specified in California Code of Regulation section 940; a list of 25 full time students; and a curriculum for the full cosmetology course (more details can be found here).
  • On-site inspection by the by a Board inspector – when the requirements above are complied, a Board inspector will conduct an on-site inspection of your school. When approved, a School Code by the board will be issued to you (for your school). Please note that that particular code must be obtained prior to starting to operate a school.

There you have it – the core requirements to comply when operating a cosmetology school in California. Most likely, there are some more requirements – apart from above – and they could be specific to areas so make sure you check those as well, most especially if a school is to be situated in big cities like Los Angeles or San Jose.

cosmetology schools in San Jose / Santa Clara, CA

Image source: Academy for Salon Professionals, Santa Clara, CA

If you are aiming for a good career in cosmetic industry in the state of California, you definitely need to start by enhancing your skills in this field. This can be made possible by enrolling in a good beauty school.

There are lots of beauty schools in the state so it should not be that difficult to find a good one. Santa Clara or in San Jose, in particular, you can find big names that you might want to choose, including those with wide affiliations – e.g. affiliated to RedKen.

But to help you in your quest for a bright future in this industry, I’d like to give you some insights that you might find useful as you look for a good prospect. Consider the following:

First, accreditation is one of the most important considerations you need to take into account. You need to make sure that the school you are going in is accredited and is approved by the Government’s accrediting body. You can check the California approved cosmetology schools list to make sure that, indeed, your prospective school is legitimate.

Another important thing that you need to consider is the facility. You need to remember that the tools affect the quality of the learning process; therefore, it is imperative that you know ahead of time that the school you are planning to attend is capable of providing the right tools.

You might as well want to check the profile of its mentors or instructors. It is more advantageous if reputable ones mentor you, those who are proven experts in the field. So, check their profiles, portfolios (e.g. has anybody from its faculty received an award or recognition for his/her work?). It is really good if you know that your mentor is an experienced one.

Lastly, you must also check if your prospective school offers financial assistance and whether you qualify for the program or not. There are cosmetic schools that offer student loan or scholarship privileges for qualified students. Consider this factor as part of your qualification requirements for school selection. You can take advantage of such opportunity – you just need to make sure that you know the terms and conditions and whether those are favorable to you or not.

In a big state like California, you can find lots of opportunities to excel in your chosen field, like in the cosmetics industry. However, these opportunities come with challenges as well, considering the competitions are high. Your enhanced cosmetics skills that you acquire from a good cosmetic school, will make you stand out from the competition.

There’s a bright future ahead.

Considered to be one of the most challenging careers in the beauty industry, estheticians, also known as skin care therapists, provide various services aimed at maintaining your skin to its healthy and in good condition in the most ideal way possible. They can be found working at salons and spas.

If you aim to have a good career as an esthetician, there are necessary steps you need to take to make yourself well-prepared for the challenges ahead – as you step in to the real world of esthetician work. To elevate the chances for success, enrolling at a local esthetician school can help as you can learn a lot of things related skin care science courses. , such a ‘career move’ get you closer to achieving the needed certification required for the profession – as required by the federal law or state law.

Through local esthetician schools, you can be an expert in the following areas:


Proper body skin care treatment – while facial skin care focuses on facial works, body skin care has a wider scope as this involves treating all skin care issues throughout the body. You will also be trained about ideal products that can be applied for better skin improvement. Aside from that, your local school will also train you about several skin treatment procedures, including those that use equipment or technology

Nail maintenance – you will also be trained about several approaches to nail care, including manicure and pedicure or the art of proper management of fingernails and toenails. Aside from that, you will also learn the various nail polish designs, as well as the best nail care products found in stores today.

Skin nutrition – local esthetician schools can also train you about the foods that help enhance the health of skin. Learning about foods for the skin helps you provide better skin care services to your clients in the future as you start working in the real world of esthetician’s career.

Facial treatment – you will be taught about various facial treatment techniques, including ways for pimple and warts removal, make-up applications, skin tones and proper way of taking care of facial skin. You will also learn about unwanted facial hair removal.

Enrolling to an esthetician school provides you better chances to achieve success in this industry. So, if you are aspiring for an esthetician career, it is good to start roaming around in your community to look for prospects. It’s a good training ground for you to learn the needed esthetician skills needed to get the required certification for practice.

While there are people who pursue higher degree courses, others prefer to enroll in practical training to prepare themselves for the challenges ahead –  when they set foot in the corporate world. Among these practical programs, cosmetology education is regarded as one of the most popular; many have been successful in this field – thanks to cosmetology schools that are available today. Indeed, these institutions help students refine their skills in cosmetology, need to excel in the beauty industry.

There are a number of cosmetology programs that help aspiring students develop their skills in this field and they can be divided into two broad categories:

Hairstyle (Hair Science) – under this program, you will surely learn the ‘art of various hairstyling,’ which includes several techniques on different haircut styles (e.g. which hairstyle is appropriate for a certain face shape?), hair coloring (e.g. color that matches a skin tone?), shampooing and conditioning (which product is ideal for a particular type of hair? Is it safe for a certain hair and scalp?). In addition to that, you will also learn how to use the latest technology available to make the hair styling/cutting even better.

Esthetics – under esthetician program, you can learn the necessary techniques /skills for you to become an expert for the job, including facial (e.g. which facial product is safe and which one does not irritate a type of skin?), waxing (removal of unnecessary hairs throughout the body), make-up (make-up styles that fit different skin tones and face shapes). In addition, you will also learn about nail care (manicure and pedicure) as well as proper nutrition for skin care (what are the foods that are healthy for skin?).

‘Financial aid, student loan program’

Cosmetology schools also offer financial assistance such as student loan programs for those qualified students. They are giving opportunity even for those underprivileged. Financial programs like ‘study now, pay later’ are common – and everyone is given an equal opportunity. So if you are choosing a cosmetology school, you might want to check if you are qualified for these privileges.

‘Recommendation or referral’

Aside from financial privileges, other benefits aspiring students from cosmetology schools is that they can get recommendation, which is beneficial when applying for a job in the industry or when looking for apprenticeships. Cosmetology schools either have salons on their own or are associated to reputable salons and other cosmetology firms in the industry – they can give help for your practical application of your skills or skill set refinement, making you 100% ready for employment.

Enrolling to an esthetician school means an opportunity to learn and enhance skills that are necessary to increase the chances for success in the beauty industry. However, it also means an investment of money, time, and energy. Thus, you need to make it sure that when you enroll, it is going to lead you to something fruitful for your career. That said, it is imperative that you know the things that you need to do before enrolling.

The following to-do list can help you find the most qualified esthetician schools in town:

  • Check out different esthetician works – as there are various areas in an esthetician’s job you can explore, it is important that you know them all so that you are able to assess yourself – on which area you can possibly excel. For instance, you might want to specialize in facial care or nail care (manicure, pedicure), or waxing.
  • Search for prospective schools – once you are done with self-assessment (determining which area of esthetician’s work you probably excel based on your prior skills) it is time to search for prospective esthetician schools in your area. One very important consideration you need to take into account (apart from the tuition fee) is that you must find out if your prospects are logistically advantageous.
  • Check if they are accredited – apart from the price and logistic considerations, it is also important that a particular school is accredited as this one of the fundamental bases to conclude that it has passed the standards for quality education. The National Accrediting Commission for Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) is the major institution that is responsible for accrediting cosmetology schools. Other agencies you can check are ACCSC and ACCET.
  • Examine the reputation – an institution’s reputation is also a very important area that you must be able to check if you are looking for an esthetician school to enroll. Reviews from people around – whether online or offline – help you get important information on how reputable your prospects are. You are able to compare each of your prospects and determine the top choices from them.
  • Check out their financial aid programs – financial assistance is a big help most especially for those students who are very much eager to learn yet do not have the full privilege of sending themselves to school because of financial constraints. So, check if your prospects have financial aid and try to assess if you are qualified for such program or not.

Over the past years, we have witnessed the resilience of the beauty industry. That is, despite the economic downturn that recently was experienced globally, it continues to perform well. In the US for instance, salons and spas continue to sprout everywhere, giving a promising future for anybody who wants to have a successful salon career. Indeed, this industry is one of the most stable markets to date.

Jamescraig Haircolor and Design Salon

Photo credit: Jamescraig Haircolor and Design – the image above shows one of its educational events that let participants learn how to create easy up-dos, beautiful curls and so much more!

The success that is being experienced by many in this industry would not be possible without the fundamental skills they have acquired through salon education. Salon training programs have helped lots of salon professionals in achieving success in this industry – they help build success.

So, if you are aspiring to become a salon professional, it makes sense that you invest some of your time in learning salon skills, which you can acquire through training programs. It is also an effective way to scale yourself and to know which field you can excel. And, more importantly, you are able to acquire the needed certification that can justify your competence.

Through salon training programs, you can be an expert…

  • Aromatherapist – a person that you can usually find at spas, he is skilled most especially in using aromatic plant extracts that provide therapeutic effects; he is also knowledgeable on using essential oils for baths or massage.
  • Esthetician – a salon professional who is also known as ‘the skin care expert’; the one who can give a wide array of skin care services like facial, waxing (removing unwanted hairs), skin treatments (e.g. enzyme therapy), proper skin care nutrition, etc.
  • Hairstylist – while there are a lot of people who claim they are hairstylists, the truth is that there are only few who can be considered ‘expert’ in this field – they are the people who underwent intensive training from reputable beauty schools and have refined their hair styling skills through years of experience. Aside from different kinds of haircuts, a hairstylist is also skilled when it comes to hair coloring.
  • Make-up artist – an expert make-up artist is not only concern about things like what type of make-up that is ideal for your skin tone but he also thinks about make-up products that do not cause potential damage to your face/skin. You can be a make-up artist that can give from basic to runway make-up quality, which can help you earn some good amount of money.
  • Manicurist/Pedicurist – you can also learn and be an expert in nail care; from manicure to pedicure – these can help you earn some good fortune as this is one of the most common salon services that lots people get.